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Our Lovely Willow is an F2b  Cavoodle. Her Mum Betsy is an F1 cavoodle and her  dad Milo is a Pure toy poodle.  Everyone that comes to visit points Willow out and says they want one just like She is a lovely colour and has a beautiful sweet nature. Willow had been a bit hit and miss with her puppies however, we have tried her with a chocolate carrying first gen male which produced a litter of half fleece coats and half straight coats. Next time we breed her we will use a different male with a stronger poodle background to help prevent the straight coats.    
Willow has been genetically Screened results shown below (Full copies of these results are available on request, we have cropped out our personal details to prevent fraudulence with these documents)  She can only be bred to males that are clear for PRA and Macro. These results will be updated when we receive the remainder of the results.   

Willows Puppies