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Why our puppies are special


There are many reasons a charlieoodles puppies are so special. But just to name a few:

Raised in a family Environment

Our puppies are lovingly bred in a family environment with young children (and Adults) that constantly adore and play with them. The level of socialising a puppy receives in the early stages of their life plays a crucial role in the development of a well adjusted happy dog. Without this crucial socialising you may end up with a fearful puppy that does not adjust well to new people or environments.

Our Love and dedication to the welfare of our dogs

We genuinely adore our dogs....Our puppies sleep inside at night time and are protected from the harsh Australian weather not left to fend for themselves in tin sheds with filthy concrete floors, or worse mesh floors like 90% of the cavoodle puppies bred in Australia in large puppy mills churning our thousands of puppies each year from hundreds of mothers living in filthy environments..  We only have a small number of Breeding dogs

and focus on the Quality, Health and soundness of the puppies we breed, rather than mass numbers for profit. Our dogs enjoy a normal family life, living on a farm with beautiful gardens, paddocks and dams to swim in and are never confined to small filthy cages inside dark sheds.

Our Commitment to producing healthy disease free puppies

We are committed to producing the healthiest puppies possible, and go to every necessary caution to prevent the puppies that we breed from suffering some of the deadly and debilitating health conditions that are prevalent within the breeds. Our breeding dogs are carefully screened for a number of health conditions known to the breeds including PRA PRCD ( PRA refers to a group of diseases that cause the retina of the eye to degenerate slowly over time. The result is declining vision and eventual blindness. “prcd” stands for “progressive rod-cone degeneration) We guarantee that any puppy bred by us will never be affected by PRA-PRCD.

Whilst PRA is a debilitating disease and causes blindness in our beloved pets, it is not generally life threatening (except in the event of an accident caused by the dog not being able to see where it is going) where as Mitral Valve Disease is life threatening and is 20 times more common in Cavalier king Charles spaniels than it is in other breeds of dogs, so it is my belief that Breeders should also be focused on preventing MVD. Their is no genetic test to identify if a will be affected by MVA so

In order to minimise the risk of MVD in puppies breeding dogs need to be regularly screened for heart murmurs however in many cases they wont show up in the dogs until they are over 5 years old, so it is important to continue to screen older retired dogs that a breeder has kept offspring from in their breeding program in order to get a good knowledge of the possibility of MVD and other problems in their puppies. The results of grand and great grandparents health screens will be even more crucial in preventing MVD being passed on to puppies than having the younger mother and father tested.

Due to our stringent health screening and confidence in the health of our puppies we offer a written  2 year 100% money back health guarantee against any congenital disease or defect one on our puppies. Furthermore we guarantee our puppies will NEVER be affected by the following genetic disorders  DEGENERATIVE MYELOPATHY, MUCOPOLYSACCHARIDOSIS or VON WILLEBRAND'S DISEASE. We have spent thousands of dollars having our breeding dogs genetically screened to ensure this and we will happily provide evidence of this on request. In the very rare and unfortunate event where a puppy that has been purchased from us develops a disease such as luxating, Patella, MVD or any other inherited disease we will refund the purchase price of the puppy immediately . It is impossible for any breeder to be able to foresee the possible problems a puppy may experience later in life unless they are able to genetically screen for them, but as breeders we should all be making our very best efforts to prevent them, and support the family/puppy in the awful event that something does arise and not simply take the persons money and ignore them if a problem occurs like the majority of breeders are doing these days. We hear of this FAR too often. For more details about our health guarantee please click here

Our Puppies are GORGEOUS!!!

Ok so we have a very biased opinion, but just look at them...................................