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Dee and Buddy

Hi Tracey Buddy has settled in well - he slept so well that I kept getting up to check that everything was alright as I didn't hear a peep out of him. This morning when I got up, he was that excited he kept falling over cause his tail was wagging so much, very funny. Thankyou for a beautiful, well natured puppy, his is absolutely gorgeous  



Carmen and family and Junior

Hi Tracey :-)

Hoping all is well with you and the family including your four legged family :-)

Junior has settled in beautifully and is quickly growing - I think he is almost 2 to 3 times bigger than when you saw him last.  From the first picture you can see it didn't take him long to settle in and I think it's due to your blanket and toys - that something familiar.

The other photo is of all the Gee men - 3 x generations and junior :-). Took it when the grandparents came to visit I think about a week after Junior arrived.

Michael has done a brilliant job toilet training him, although you had done most of that work so it wasn't too long to have it all sorted....occasionally he does the excited wee but that's only when Michael is around and gets him all excited!!!!

He loves socks!!! Not clean ones and I am amazed at the number of socks he has found that have been orphaned for ages!!!! All of a sudden I can match up socks I haven't been able to in years!!!!

And he's a big surprise, we are contemplating whether we should get another puppy to keep Junior company during the the moment there is always someone at home but that might not be the case in months to come.  Would love and appreciate your thoughts on whether we should or shouldn't as we are so confused....

Thank you so much for Junior he has all our hearts!!!!

Hoping to hear from you soon

Cheers Carmen


Coralie and Tily

Hi Tracey Thought I would send you an update on our "Tilly", as she will have been with us for 3 weeks on Tuesday. She had no trouble settling in & within days was running the house, including demanding, by crying, that I sit on the lounge & cuddle. She is adorable, very bright, sweet, strong-willed & very naughty! Tilly has decided to re-landscape the garden, which she just loves being in. Stripping plants, digging holes & playing chasing with me is a perfect day for her. Plus stealing shoes whenever she can. Little devil knows it's naughty & is reprimanded, but thinks its a great game. Typical puppie, just a little brighter & more stubborn than my cav's were. She sits & drops the ball on command, most times & is practising walking in the yard. She is certainly keeping me on my toes, & I adore her. Kind regards Coralie

Kimberly and Oak

Just letting you know our little cavoodle boy (named Oak) is going very well. He loves exploring in the garden and doing "turbos" where he just sprints backwards and forwards until exhausted. It is very funny. Sadly the little westie puppy we bought as his friend had a congenital heart defect and recently passed away. Oak is now a bit lonely and we are looking to find him a new friend. I was just wondering if you still had any of your male spoodle puppies available? Oak is so happy and healthy we would love to buy another puppy from you.








Bec and Kaos

We welcomed our little man Kaos ( Spoodle Mum/Gracie Dad/Willis ) into our home on the 9th August. After just 2 weeks he has brought so much love and laughter into our home !!! Our other dog Max ( Shitzu x Maltese ) took to him straight away and they are already sharing a bed ( No crying at night !!!! from day 1 ) and a bowl. Would like to share with any perspective puppy owners how amazing Tracey was to deal with every step of the way. When I went to pick him up from the airport the customs man made a point of commenting to me that he could tell that Kaos came from a repretable breeder because of how wonderfully he was shipped with his little bed in there with him and that he sees some shocking things in his job. From one loving home to another Thanks Tracey

Anna and Cavoodle Maya ~ Sydney

Hi again Tracey,

Maya is doing really well and getting more beautiful every day. She absolutely loves meeting new people and everyone adores. People say she is the most beautiful dog they have ever seen and describe her as a teddy bear. There is also something very special about her that I can't quite put into words - there is this depth in her eyes when she looks at you. She has a very gentle spirit. 

The fur coming through on her back and on her face is getting a bit darker (ginger) and it will be interesting to see how her colouring turns out. I absolutely love her ginger eye lashes. Maybe she will end up looking similar to your lovely Willis. 

She had her second vaccination recently and the vet was very impressed by her cooperation and temperament. She mastered all the basic obedience training in no time so I'm thinking of teaching her some extra tricks for fun. 

I went to a workshop on dog grooming and everyone else's dogs wouldn't let them even clip their toenails but Maya is generally highly cooperative. And she adapts to new situations well too. The first time I took her in the car she whimpered a bit for less than a minute then she was fine and now she wags her tail every time she gets in the car. 

She is a really happy dog and an absolute delight to live with. It's still really hard to get photos of her. I usually have to make a funny sound to get her to look up so she gets a funny alert look on her face. I'll find a couple I've taken on my phone and send them through soon. 

warm regards,

Anna December 2013