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Meet the ladies !!! Some of the girls live here with us and others are off living it up in their guardian homes. Our guardian home dogs are only bred occasionally and generally only have 2-3 litters in total. All our others girls have a litter every 1-2 years and we retire them when they are around 6 years old but sometimes earlier if we feel they are no longer suitable for breeding. We fortunately get lots of requests for rehoming of these ladies so we actually have no trouble finding them new homes if required.
It's actually extremely rare that cavoodles or spoodles ever turn up in Animals shelters or at the pound unless they have been rescued from intensive puppy factories.  In fact i have had people contact me after being on waiting lists at all pounds, rspca's and animal rescue's for sometimes years and have never come across a Cavoodle or Spoodle so end up reluctantly getting a puppy. For me this is a true testament to just how wonderful these gorgeous dogs are and how they really do make the most amazing family pets and is a very big part of why we do what we do. 

Our cavoodles !!!!  For more info on each of our ladies please click on their photo. 

Willow (F2b Cavoodle)

Polly (F2b Cavoodle)

Demi (F3 Cavoodle) 

Charlotte (F2b Cavalier)

Dora (2nd gen Straight coat)

Dorris (2nd gen Straight coat)

Sophie (F3 Mini Cavoodle)

Molly (F2Mini cavoodle)

Ellie (F2b Poodle)

Pepsi (Mini Parti Poodle)

Our Cockers/Spoodles

Rose (English Cocker) 

Matilda (Mini 1st gen Spoodle)

Gemmima (Standard Spoodle)