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CharlieOoodles Breeding Program

Our Ultimate Goal at CharlieOodles is to Create what we believe to be the ultimate Family Pet. A dog that has a sweet and gentle disposition, to suit families with children young or old but also to be intelligent and easy to train. We concentrate on 2 Breeds the Cavoodle (Cavalier King Charles x Poodle either Toy or Minature) and the Spoodle (English Cocker Spaniel x Poodle either toy or Minature and now also in Standard using the bigger version of an English Cocker Spaniel ~ The English Springer Spaniel and The Standard Poodle)

To Achieve our Goals we need to go beyond First generation litters and really home in on what features and attributes we would like to enhance in the offspring that our dogs produce. From the feedback we have received from our prospective puppy owners to our personal preferences we are now focussing on breeding puppies with the so desired completely non shedding coat which is either curly or fleecy but still retaining the more pronounced Spaniel features such as the shorter legs and thicker body, the shorter broader nose and the bigger floppy ears. Breeding 2nd and 3rd generation puppies also opens up the possibility of a broader colour range as first Generations tend to be limited to Red (sometimes with a little white), Black (Often with some white), and occasionally Black and tan (Also with the occasional white splash)

Buddy our 2nd Generation Stud cavoodle is a great example of the type we are trying to achieve, he has very close to a typical Cavalier Structure but has the elegant completely non shedding curly poodle coat. He has made an excellent sire and is starting to produce some gorgeous puppies.

(Above) The handsome Buddy (Parents Charlie Jr and April)

(Below) some of Buddy's recent offspring all third generation puppies and all from different litters

Some people still prefer the features of the first generation cross Cavoodles (pure poodle x pure cavalier) they tend to be fairly consistent with their look and coat type. They tend to have a medium length nose which is broader than a pure poodles and a fleece coat, wavy but usually not curly see examples below.




 Breeding 2nd and 3rd and possible somewhere down the track 4th generation Cavoodle actually requires a lot more time and dedication than first generation puppies. It requires more careful planning of litters to bring out the desired features of the parents and correctly matching the Stud to the Dam. There is also a lot more grooming involved as most 1st generation breeders use the Cavalier female (a very low maintenance coat) with just 1 or 2 Male poodles and so don't have much grooming to do. Our Cavoodle dams and sire and also our poodles require constant grooming especially living on acreage and having large areas to play as there is the potential for grass seeds and the temptations of the dogs finding all kinds of smelly things to roll in (especially alpaca, sheep or cow poo). We also feel it is extremely important that each of our Studs and Dams feels loved and having the full benefit of being a cherished family member. We strive to produce quality puppies as opposed to quantity and so we prefer to only have a small number of dogs that we can really focus on. Our standards for our Breeding stock are extremely high and we are very pleased to be able to produce puppies of such a high standard. Furthermore we are the ONLY breeders in Australia that offer a 5 year Guarantee on the Health of our puppies.

Having only a small number of dogs and hence gene pool to work with does however have its downfalls, we don't know of any other breeders to work with that have the passion and morals that we do and we will never run the risk of inbreeding which can result in health defects in puppies so to combat this and widen our gene pool we have taken up offers from family, friends and friends of friends to help us with this. Over the past 12 months we have increased our breeding stock by placing dogs in homes of family and friends. This has been extremely successful in all aspects, The dogs reside with them for the majority of the year. When they come into season we honeymoon them with an appropriate male before going back home for the duration of the pregnancy. Some of our friends and family prefer to whelp the litters at their homes and raise them for the first 4-8 weeks and then say their goodbyes and we find the new homes for them. Some of our friends and family prefer us to whelp and raise the litters here, but at the end of the day all the puppies are raised in loving family environments with constant attention resulting in well socialised and happy puppies.


(left)Teddy and her Bubs Chilling out on the cool kitchen floor on a hot day

(Below) Definitely a puppies favourite place to sleep ;-)



 (Below and Right) Some our gorgeous guys and girls at home (our place)