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Health Contract

Please note our Heath Contract has been revised and is valid from the 20/2/15 only. Puppies sold from this date will be under the conditions stated below.

Charlieoodles Companion Pet Contract / Heath Guarantee

Puppy Details: A puppy with the name :_______________ DOB:________ Microchip#_______________
The puppy described above is sold for the amount of $________ with Payment being made in full prior to the
puppies ownership is transferred to the buyer. Transfer of ownership was made on the __________________
The Breeder (seller) certifies that the above described puppy is upon receipt in good health and has been examined
by a vet and has been wormed and immunized as stated in the care notes provided. This puppy has the following
known and previously discussed conditions now.
And those conditions are excluded from any guarantee.

It is strongly recommended that the buyer will have the puppy examined by a vet within the first 72 hours at their
expense and if not given a clean biller of health the buyer must notify the breeder immediately. The Seller reserves
the right to have the puppy re-examined by a vet of their choice at their expense. If the puppy is not found to be in
good health the seller will agree to resume possession of the puppy and issue a full refund of the above purchase
price or reimburse up to the value of the puppy for any vet fee’s incurred above the cost of the initial consultation for
any condition that is treatable.

The seller does not accept responsibility for contagious disease diagnosed after 5 days from the date of ownership
transfer. All other illness related conditions excluding Heat stroke, Exhaustion, dehydration or any other heat related
conditions, illness due to change of diet or incorrect feeding or Hypoglycaemia* (refer to the notes at the end of the
health guarantee for more information on Hypoglycaemia) will be covered by the seller for a period of 7 days from
purchase and as previously stated the seller will reimburse any treatment costs above the initial vet consultation fee
up to the value of the puppy.

Your new puppy is Guaranteed for a period of 2 years from the date of birth to be free from life threatening genetic
defects  such as hip dysplasia, severe luxatingpatella and blindness caused by inherited genes PRA-PCRD and Mitral Valve disease.

If a life threatening hereditary disease is detected within 2 years of being born the buyer is required to provide reports
from two unassociated licensed veterinarians for the replacement or refund of the puppy to be considered. One
to be chosen by the breeder and the other to be chosen by the buyer. Note: All veterinary costs are at the buyers responsibility
and cost and may or may not be reimbursed by the breeder at the breeders discretion.

If the puppy is found to have a serious genetic problem that will seriously
affect its quality and/or length of life the buyer will be entitled to
one of the following.

1) Buyer can return the puppy to the Breeder and select another puppy from an upcoming litter within a period
of 6 months from the date of transfer back of ownership from buyer to breeder. Note# Any transport costs
associated with the puppies return will be at the expense of the buyer.

2) Breeder will provide a full refund of the purchase price to the buyer and may keep or return the puppy at the
buyers discretion.

3) In the event that the condition that can be corrected by veterinary treatment the breeder will refund the cost
of the treatment or the value of the puppy which ever is lower and only upon presentation of a veterinary receipt.
Please not that the breeder will only refund up to 100% of the purchase price of the puppy . If treatment options are
available above the purchase price of the puppy the seller will be responsible for any additional costs involved.
The breeder will at no time be held responsible for the development of disqualifying faults, diseases or disorders
which are due to the buyer negligence or environmental factors.

Buyers Responsibility

The buyer agrees to take good care of this puppy, feed and house the dog properly making sure it is always protected
from extreme weather conditions and provide a safe environment and secure yard in which to live. If the buyer is
found to be allowing the puppy/dog to run freely, running at large, creating a public nuisance or found to be neglected,
abused or allowed to live in poor health the seller has all rights to repossess this dog with no refund to the
buyer. The death, injury or loss of said puppy due to theft carelessness, recklessness, abuse, neglect, heat stroke or
accident will not entitle the buyer to any compensation from the seller.

The buyer must keep the puppy up to date with vaccinations and have him/her checked regularly (at least annually
is recommended) by their veterinarian. The buyer must also agree to seek veterinary treatment or advise for the
puppy if he/she become considerably ill or injured.
The buyer must agree to provider a stimulated and happy environment for the puppy to live and it is strongly recommended
that the buyer attend socialising/dog training classes once he/she is fully vaccinated to allow the puppy
to become a happy well behaved dog.

This puppy is warranted only for the purpose of being a companion animal, not for any other purpose or reason. No
warranty is given for any special purpose of function for this puppy and he/she is not to be used for any illegal or
immoral activities and is not to be used for any type of puppy mill/mass producing money making operation.
The buyer must agree to have the puppy desexed at between 5 and 8 months of age, failure to do so
will result in the length of the health guarantee being reduce to a maximum of 12 months for genetic

This puppy must never be abandoned or taken to the RSPCA or Pound. The Breeder will always take the dog back
and find another suitable home without prejudice towards the buyer. In the event of the re-sale or rehome of the
puppy the buyer must notify the breeder with the new owners details. In the event of rehoming of the puppy the
health warranty is non transferable.

This entire agreement (3 pages) between the parties is valid and agreed to by both parties. All parties must have
read, understood and agreed to this contract by signing below.
Breeder (seller): ______________________ Date:____________________
Buyer: _____________________________ Date:____________________

Important information regarding disease and congenital health defects covered by
this contract.
Hypoglycaemia: Is a serious illness which can result in the death of a young puppy. It will usually occur at between
6-16 weeks of age. It is caused by low blood sugar levels and is usually the result of a puppy skipping meals
combined with the stress of a new home. It can also be triggered by a puppy exerting too much energy after not
having eaten enough. The puppies intake of calories should always exceed the amount of calories burnt through
exercise. Please make sure the puppy is given 3 meals per day and always has access to clean drinking water. We
will generally not cover a puppy against Hypoglycaemia unless it is the secondary result of another issue.

Parvo Virus/Distemper: Both very serious infectious illness’s which can affect young puppies and unvaccinated
dogs. Your puppy is guaranteed to have come from you from a Parvo/Distemper free environment and as such will
be covered from these disease for a period of 5 days from the collection/Delivery of your puppy. It will be the buyers
responsibility to make all attempts to ensure that the puppy is not exposed to either disease by refraining from
taking the puppy to any public place which may have the virus present (remembering it can live in the ground for
many years). Vet surgeries are high risk areas so always be sure that your vet has not has contact with a parvo infected
dog prior to examining your puppy and ensure they have sterilised the examination table prior to placing
your puppy there. Never let your puppy play on the floor in a Vet surgery or on the ground outside a vet surgery.
Puppy pre school are great for socialisation but are also pose a considerable risk to your puppy, so we strongly advise
waiting until puppy is fully vaccinated prior to attending classes.

Umbilical hernia’s: These are common amongst Cavoodles and Spoodles and are generally the result of the
mother dog pulling a little hard when breaking the umbilical cord during birth causing usually a tiny tear in the
stomach wall allowing a bubble of fat to protrude through. More often than not the hole will close on its own as the
puppy grows it can sometime trap the bubble of fat on the outside leaving an “outie” belly button. If the hole is only
small there are no impending health risks to the puppy however if the hole is large then there is the slight potential
for intestines to produce through and possibly get caught in which case it is advisable to have the hole repaired at
the time the puppy is desexed. If a puppy is found to have an umbilical hernia that requires repair we will notify the
buyer and make an agreement to pay for repair during the time of desexing ie. Total cost of operation less the cost
of desexing. However most vets don’t charge extra for this as it is a simple stitch and for a female puppy the desexing
can be performed through the umbilical opening and repaired at the time of closing the abdominal wall, however
some vets may be a little greedy and charge up to $100 for the simple stich so we reserve the right to speak to the
vet prior to the desexing and obtain a quote from them.

Luxating Patella: Is a condition that can be hereditary. It is fairly common in small breeds of dogs including Cavaliers
and Toy Poodles however it doesn’t always bother them and most of the time you wouldn’t notice a dog suffered
from luxating patellas as they can show no signs of being in pain. There are 4 different grades of severity of
luxating Patella’s with a grade one being the most minor and a grade 4 being the worst. Severe luxating patellas can
be prevented by keeping your dog at an optimal body weight and not allowing him to get over weight. Proving your
dog with plenty of opportunity to exercise and keep a healthy maintain good muscle tone around the knee will prevent
the knee cap from slipping out of place. Often a puppy will be found to have some looseness in the kneecap
however this is generally nothing to be concerned about as they tighten as they mature. If said puppy does develop
a high grade of luxating patella in the first 2 years of its life and is in significant pain a corrective surgery can be
performed to remedy the problem and alleviate the pain. If all attempts have been made by the buyer to keep the
dog fit and not overweight but the dog is still in significant pain and surgery is the next option we will cover the
costs of the surgery up to the value of the puppy or if preferred take the dog back for a refund or replacement.
Hip Dysplasia: Is extremely rare in small breeds of dogs as it more commonly affects large breeds so is generally
not an issue in Cavoodles or Toy/Mini Spoodle’s but it can affect Standard (Large) Spoodles. The causes of it are
multifactorial however genetic inheritance is believed to be the biggest risk factor. A dog suffering from hip dysplasia
(instability or a laxity of the hip joint) can be in significant pain and may require anti inflamitories and or pain
relief or in severe cases surgery may be an option. In the incidence that said puppy suffers from severe hip dysplasia
in the first 2 years of its life we will issue a refund or replacement puppy at the buyers discretion

Mitral Valve Disease: Mitral Valve disease is a heart condition that is unfortunately a very common problem in
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and therefor can also be an issue in Cavoodles. Fortunately due to the extremely
rare/non existent occurrence of MVD in poodles the risks are significantly reduced. If MVD is diagnosed in the first
2 years of your puppies life we will offer a full refund or replacement at the buyers discretion.