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Our gorgeous Dora is an 2nd Generation Cavoodle. Her Mum Violet is an F1b (3/4 Cavalier and 1/4 Poodle) and dad is a First gen Toy Cavoodle called Reggie. As you can see she is very strongly cavalier influenced and when bred back to a pure poodle she has the most gorgeous puppies.  They still look like first gen puppies but they have thicker more manageable coats that are completely non shedding. With those extra poodle genes it also significantly reduces the risks of MVD (heart disease). In my experience as a breeder of cavoodles over the past 10 years this particular cross  is actually better than 1st gen crosses and over the coming years will be my focus in my breeding program. Below are some pics from Dora's previous litter to stud Ruben. for more pics and info of this litter please click here