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Introducing.....The Gorgeous Daja

Daja would have to be the sweetest girl we have ever had the pleasure of owning. She has the sweetest most gentle nature and is the most lovely mannered girl. She is adored by everybody that meets her and in turn adores absoloutely everybody she meets. I know it is not fair to have favourites but...... If we did she would most certainly be at the top of the list ;-) Daja is one of our foundation Bitches and will soon retire from breeding as she is approaching 5 years of age. 

Daja is a pedigree Cavalier King Charles (with papers)

We are very pleased to announce Daja Holds a current Heart Clear Certificate (no heart murmur) and is Free of Luxating Patella's as examined by Our Veterinarian on the 19/06/14. She is in perfect all round heath free of any congenital disease or illness's. And as many of the health issue's known to Cavalier King Charles Spaniels don't show up until the later years of life, it gives us great confidence that the puppies we have bred will have healthy long lives free of the serious health problems that can affect the breed.

Daja Has Produced some outstanding Puppies over the last few years. We have retained some of her puppies for our future breeding program and we are thrilled with how they have developed.

                            Baby                                                             Roxy                                                             Teddy

Please click below to see the beautiful puppies Daja has blessed us with over the last few years