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Cavoodle Puppies

All CharlieOoodles Puppies include:

*Vet check and fit to fly certificate (if travelling within 10 days of vet check additional charges may be incurred if we need to hold the puppy for you for an extended period and need to do a second vet check)

*1st  C3 Vaccination


*Up to date worming

*Food (enough for a minimum of 5 days)

*Blanket and Toy

*Detailed Charlieoodles puppy care notes

*7 day health Guarantee (Illness)

*2 Year guarantee against inherited congenital defects* 

*Free Delivery within 100km of North Canberra Or can be collected from Bywong NSW

*If we have 2 or more puppies going together we will also deliver free to Campbeltown Sydney :-)

*We can organise shipping to your nearest airport, we require full payment 7 days prior to the puppy travelling. Please click here for freight charges


Sorry we currently do not have any Cavoodle puppies available.Since COVID-19 we have had an extraordinarily large amount of enquiries, so we have had to temporarily remove the contact us page, and our waiting list application forms whist we work through our extended waiting lists. We wish you and your family all the best during these crazy times. 



To Secure one of our puppies a non refundable $500 deposit  is required along with a completed Application Form. If you don't see any puppies here that suit or you would like to enquire about upcoming litter please read our new adoption process information below. At the bottom of the page we have some examples of previous puppies we have bred in the past 3-4 years. Each picture will be linked to it's 


Current freight prices please click here 

Note: Freight prices do not include the travel crate, this will be an added extra.

All our Puppies are now sold with a 2 year written health guarantee. This covers all congenital health defects associated with the breed. Please contact to express interest in purchasing one of our puppies and we can give you further information on puppies currently available.

Puppies are sold with their 1st Vaccination, Microchip, a puppy pack including a blanket, toy and food.

Thankyou :-)

At Charlieoodles we have a bit of a unique way of finding homes for our puppies. We like to make sure that you find the perfect puppy for you/your family and we don't believe that it's fair for you to have to decide on a puppy that is only a few days/weeks old because how will you really know that they will be the perfect match in terms of looks/coat type and temperament. In the past we have held off on allocating our puppies until they are 6-7 weeks old but we found that quite often it's not enough time for people to get themselves ready or for us to get everything organised at our end. You also miss seeing the development of the puppies from birth which is a lovely experience so we have recently been trialling a new system and have received some wonderful feedback and it has enabled us to make it a much smoother process so moving forward this will be our new process. 
Step 1. Complete the cavoodle waiting list form   once we have your details we will be able to keep you updated on upcoming litters. Please do not fill these forms more than 2-3 months before you are ready because due to the number of enquiries we get it will probably get lost amongst the older forms and you will miss out on being contacted. 

Step 2. Once a litter is born we go back through the forms and send a bulk email to everyone on the list that has preferences matching that particular litter. (Note: If your preferences are very specific it may take a while before we have a suitable puppy available so we recommend that you complete a new waiting list form every couple of months to make sure you don't end up lost amongst the old forms)  This email will contain  a link with all of the relevant information of that particular litter of puppies. 

Step 3. If there is a puppy you are interested in you must get back to us as quickly as possible with your $100 holding deposit, we are often emailing up to 50 people at a time so they do tend to get snapped up really quickly.
If we have emailed you and you don't respond to our email we do assume that you are no longer looking or already have found a puppy so we automatically remove you from our system but we ask that you please DO NOT reply if you fall into this category. 
If you like a particular puppy but you miss out please let us know and we can put you down as next in line as we often get cancellations. We will also re add you to the list for the next litter. 

Step 4. Once you have secured a puppy you will be able to check back to that link we sent weekly for puppy updates of pictures and video's once they get a little bigger and start playing. 

Step 5. When the puppies reach 6 weeks of age you will have the opportunity to come and meet them (if you can) to decide if you think they will be the prefect addition to your home. If you do wish to confirm your decision we will require an additional $400 deposit to be paid and an application form to be completed. ANY PUPPIES NOT SECURED AT THIS POINT WILL BE LISTED ON THIS PAGE FOR SALE.  

Important: From 6-8 weeks of age the puppies become pretty time consuming for us, they require lots of additional work with the multiple feeds for weaning, toilet training, baths etc  and we also need to book their vet appointments, flights organise all their paperwork  so we may not get a chance to do additional pics and vids or reply promptly to emails depending on how much free time i get. so we do ask that you be mindful of this and be a little patient. 

Step 6. When the puppies reach 7 weeks we will email you the final week formalities to let you know what we require from you in terms of microchips rego's, flight bookings, payments etc. We will also include a link to our puppy care pages which has all of the information you need to safely transition them to their new home. 


Below you will find examples of some of the puppies we have bred in the past 4 or so years. If you scroll through you can click on the individual pictures and you will be taken to the puppies mothers profile page. You can learn more about what generation the puppy is (see if you can guess before clicking) and find out when another similar litter from that girl is expected.  You can also request to be placed on the notification list and be the first to be notified when those puppies are born.